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Rashad Penn is a Bahamian Photographer based on the island of New Providence also known as Nassau. He is a commercial photographer specializing in Real Estate Photography, Product Photography including Jewelry Photography, Drink Photography and Food Photography.  He also provides Home Décor and Stock Images of the Bahamas.  His most passionate genre of photography however is Fine Art Seascape Photography.
 Born in The Bahamas and raised between New Providence and Grand Bahama, I was introduced to cameras by my father at a tender age and since that time I continually gravitated towards any camera in the home.  I was told that as a child I was obsessed with the outdoors and as an adolescent I retreated into books and developed a vivid imagination. In my teen years, I spent my days in outdoor and travel books like National Geographic and spent most of my time studying the martial arts. We all know what we like to do when we were young but we somehow allow society to dictate our paths into adulthood. Most of my life however have been centered around my childhood and adolescent dreams.  
“I don’t take pictures nor do I photograph things, I capture Ideals” – R.Penn


"A picture is worth a Thousand Words. Which words will your Images spawn?" - R Penn

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